Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Don Giovanni © bollemedia / DOB
Germany 2010, Theatre Trailer, 01:55 min.
Director Andreas Bolle | Camera Andreas Bolle | Singer Ildebrando dArcangelo , Alex Esposito , Marina Rebeka , Ruxandra Donose , Martina Welschenbach , Roland Schwab , Roberto Abbado
[ Synopsis ]
The descent into hell to which the archetype of moral abjection was condemned until now is seen in terms of his soul. For his demise, the entire metaphysics of the west is called into play. But this not only confirms the indignation of the persons wronged, it also elicits dismay. At the threshold of the French revolution, the freedom that the libertine extols against the decree of humility characterises him as the very prototype of anarchy. His unbridled manner, peeled from a life designed from hormonal dictates, reflects the compulsive longings and self-realisation fantasies of generations to follow. What drives the seducer through the bedrooms of the centuries? What haunts the hunter? Who is this man really, who always means only?
Conductor: Roberto Abbado | Cast: Ildebrando d'Arcangelo, Alex Esposito, Martina Welschenbach, Marina Rebeka, Ruxandra Donose et al.