Giuseppe Verdi: Otello © bollemedia / DOB
Germany 2010, Advertising film, Trailer, Theatre Trailer | Culture, Opera, 01:57 min.
Director Andreas Bolle | Camera Andreas Bolle | Singer Zeljko Lucic , José Cura , Anja Harteros , Andreas Kriegenburg
[ Synopsis ]
Othello, the foreigner and outsider, seems to have been showered with blessings - a brilliant military career and a beautiful wife from a respected family, who is confident and loving in her support of him. And yet it is Jago, one of Othello's inner circle of confidants, who hatches a lethal scheme to bring him down.
Conductor Patrick Summers | Director Andreas Kriegenburg
Cast José Cura, Anja Harteros, Zeljko Lucic et al.